Wednesday, January 27, 2010

drama is a constant, not a variable.

throughout all my years of schooling, one thing has always managed to stand the test of time. it doesn't matter what grade, what school, what period; demographics play no role in the production level of drama. because drama, is a constant. there are no on and off periods, there are steady flows and even streams of dramatic events. 
i can't help but wonder about some people though; they just seem to start drama and arguments for the heck of it. because they can. what i don't understand is why that is a great pastime to be a part of. you are just wreaking hell for no reason whatsoever. it seems pointless to me, but i am sure that they have a great reason for doing it.

to those people,
do you know what you would be if i just
took the derivative of your sorry self?

how's that for a constant.

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