Monday, January 4, 2010

powdered creamer for your arched brows, sir?

Today was the first day back to my final second semester of my only senior year of high school. And as regal and exciting as that sounds, it was quite the drag. I have never wanted to just get out of a place more than ever in my life. I would complain about that nasty school smell, but my nose seems impervious to the vile fumes that float from that graceful foundation.

Which reminds me of the formal lab report and the internal assessment introduction that I am bound to write tonight. Many cups of coffee will need to fuel this all-nighter. Although, my mom insists on buying this powdered non-dairy creamer, which, I am sorry, is disgusting. It pretty much coagulates and just floats on the top until you force it under with your spoon. Sick. And it has no flavor whatsoever. Nor does it cool down my coffee which is one of my top reasons for using creamer in the first place! Gosh.

Arched brows are the most awkward things ever. On men at least. It will never be stylish. Stick with accessorizing actual garments. That was rude, but I am definitely not sorry.

I guess I will get back to my slave-labor.
Excuse the offensiveness.

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